Lazy Sunday Morning Maison Martin Margiela perfume

A very distinct smelling EDT. Surprisingly so. My first impression was “Wow – What in the world is that? I like it!”

It conjures the memory of fresh linen and rose water and soap. But interestingly combined with pear and iris and patchouli. This stuff is a nose party – without knowing what’s in it you’d be hard pressed to pick out a lot of the ingredients, but they are there, making a sensational EDT to interact with. The top notes are startling but it mellows beautifully.

The pear and aldehydes come out in front quite well with this scent, and they are anchored perfectly with white musk and ambrette – a wonderful and exuberant combination. The middle florals are clearly present, particularly the rose, which blends nicely with patchouli and outlasts the pear to finish with a soft but complex sweetness on dry down.

When is the last time you recognized iris in a scent? It’s not a particularly cloyingly sweet flower, and that’s why it works so well here. It tempers the rose perfectly, which might otherwise be too dominant.

The sillage is moderate with decent projection. You can tell it’s in the room but it doesn’t knock you over. This is a bright, complex, engaging, forward scent best used during the day, and I would think in warmer weather. But I can see it as part of an evening out as well particularly with some time to dry down.

If you want the top notes to last, spray it on clothing – cloth holds the pear and iris better than skin. Versatile and heterogeneous enough for almost any occasion, and decidedly unisex.

I would rate this 8/10.

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