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COVER STORY: Clearing the heavens of space junk | Watch Video
The amount of debris in low-Earth orbit has increased tremendously, putting satellites and the International Space Station in danger of colliding with even the tiniest bits of space junk. Correspondent David Pogue explores how companies are working to create ways to clean up space before disaster happens.

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wine-from-sea-floor.jpg Wine bottles which have been aged on the sea floor.  CBS News

VINICULTURE: Wine cellar in the sea | Watch Video
About a mile off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif., a sunken treasure of wine is aging under the waves, gently rocked and chilled by the ocean currents. Correspondent Ben Tracy talks with Emanuele Azzaretto, co-founder of Ocean Fathoms, about laying down fine wines in the murky depths, where bottles retain their bouquet – and gain an artful flourish of sea shell adornments.

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red-rocks-amphitheatre.jpg Red Rocks Amphitheatre, outside Denver, is a naturally-formed and geologically-advantageous site for music performances.   CBS News

MUSIC: Red Rocks: Nature’s perfect music stage | Watch Video
Outside of Denver is one of America’s most iconic music venues: a naturally-formed amphitheatre, millions of years in the making, that is today a stunning setting for concerts and yoga sessions. Correspondent Luke Burbank visits Red Rocks, and talks with members of the band The String Cheese Incident about the intensity and acoustics of a Red Rocks set.

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collected-works-jim-morrison-harper-design.jpg The writings of Jim Morrison are now collected in a new book containing his poetry, lyrics, and extracts from his journals.   Harper Design

BOOKS: Collecting the words of Jim Morrison | Watch Video
When the lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison, died in 1971 at age 27, he left behind boxes filled with poetry, journals, and handwritten lyrics of what would become some of the era’s most memorable songs. His sister, Anne Morrison Chewning, has now compiled material from his archive into a new book, “The Collected Works of Jim Morrison.” Correspondent John Blackstone talked with Chewning, and with the two surviving members of The Doors – drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger – about Morrison’s impact as a writer and performer.

BOOK & AUDIO EXCERPT: “The Collected Works of Jim Morrison”
A new anthology features poetry, lyrics and journals by the frontman of The Doors. Listen to audio of Jim Morrison reciting his work.

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PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
“Sunday Morning” remembers some of the notable figures who left us this week, including Col. Dave Severance, commander of the Marine regiment that raised the U.S. flag on the Island of Iwo Jima during the bloody World War II battle.

hydrangeas-pink-purple.jpg Hydrangeas in Cape Cod, Mass. CBS News

FLOWERS: Nurturing the magic of hydrangeas | Watch Video
The big, bountiful blooms known as hydrangeas are abundant on Cape Cod, and available in hundreds of varieties. Correspondent Mo Rocca tiptoes through the hydrangeas, and talks with aficionados to learn the secrets to growing these showy summer shrubs.

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ANIMALS: Flying dogs to their forever homes (Video)
Correspondent Conor Knighton takes to the skies with Wyoming pilot Peter Rork, a retired surgeon and pilot who’s found a new purpose in life by helping dogs in need find homes, flying animals to adoption centers through his non-profit, Dog Is My CoPilot. (This story was originally broadcast on August 23, 2020.)  

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george-clooney-interview-620.jpg Actor-director George Clooney. CBS News

MOVIES: George Clooney on his greatest reward | Watch Video
Actor-director George Clooney, who recently starred in the post-apocalyptic thriller “The Midnight Sky,” talks with correspondent Tracy Smith about family, life during quarantine, and his career of playing “lovable crooks.” He also answers the burning question: Does he really cut his own hair? (An earlier version of this story was originally broadcast on November 29, 2020.)

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COMMENTARY: Faith Salie: There’s no “I” in “Team,” but there is a “ME” (Video)
The “Sunday Morning” contributor says the increasingly indiscriminate use of the term “Team” among work colleagues can be self-serving to a team’s “Leader.” (Originally broadcast on February 23, 2020.)

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painted-sculptures.jpg A new touring exhibition explores how ancient Greek and Roman art was actually decorated in brilliant colors, before subsequent generations washed the marble clean.   “Gods in Color”

ART: Ancient sculptures reveal their true colors | Watch Video
Greek and Roman marble antiquities have traditionally been viewed as white, but recent scientific studies have shown that they were often painted with bright colors – a fact little discussed among art historians. Correspondent Martha Teichner explores how an accidental “whitewashing” of history has colored our view of ancient art.

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AGENDA: Week of August 8 | Watch Video
Events and newsmakers to watch for in the coming week.

NATURE: Sailfin mollies (Extended Video)
“Sunday Morning” takes a peek at sailfin mollies courting in waters near Tulum in Mexico. Videographer: Lance Milbrand.        

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