Three pythons rescued, released in protected forests in Sylhet

Pythons are not poisonous and do not usually attack people, say rescuers 

The authorities have released the three pythons rescued from various houses in Baluchar, Alurtol and Majortila areas of Sylhet on Thursday night and Friday morning.

Sylhet Divisional Forest Officer Mohammad Taufiqul Islam confirmed the matter to the Dhaka Tribune.

The snakes were rescued by the members of the Forest Department with the help of Bhumi Santan Bangladesh volunteers.

The first snake was recovered from the house of one Shah Alam in Baluchar around 11:30pm on Thursday. The second one from the house of Abdul Mannan in Alurtol around 12:30am and the third snake from the house of Rabeya Begum in Syedpur around 10:30am on Friday.

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According to Taufiqul Islam, the pythons were later released in three protected forest areas of the Tilagarh Eco Park.

Coordinator of Bhumi Santan Bangladesh Ashraful Kabir said: “This area and its adjoining tea gardens and the Tilagarh Eco Park area were safe havens for pythons in the past. But due to the recent food crisis, these snakes are making their way near human households.”

He thanked the environmentalists and the forest officials for rescuing the snakes instead of killing them on the spot.

Ashraful said pythons are not poisonous and do not usually attack people.

“If you see a python near you, don’t panic. Inform the Forest Department or the environmentalists so that they can rescue the python and save the snake,” he added. 

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