Genshin Impact geo hypostasis: Full guide on defeating this geo element boss

As of the 1.0 version of Genshin Impact, the last cube-like boss that the players come across with is the Geo Hypostasis. The location of this boss can be found in a separate secluded isle in Liyue and can be considered as one of the most interesting fights in the game. Continue reading to know all about how to defeat this boss.

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How to Beat Geo Hypostasis

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As mentioned above, the Geo Hypostasis boss can be easily found in the east direction of Liyue on the top island of Guyun Stone Forest. Reaching it is not tough, but can be tricky for new players. Just glide from the cliff west of the Guyun Stone Forest and this will lead the player to the first island. Right after reaching this, swim or follow the shallow pathways which bridge each of the islands together and it will lead you to the boss arena.

  • Phase 1
    • The main aim is to break the tower on which the boss is sitting on. Using a Claymore user or Geo-based attacks is mandatory against an opponent of this type. Right after the first set of towers get summoned, it’s possible to deal damage to the core when the first set of towers get summoned but this will also trigger a ground pound attack from the Geo Hypostasis.
    • Next, the enemy will blink off to the side of its tower and then go on to take the form of a hammer. This is the right time to attack the core again.

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  • Phase 2
    • As with most Hypostasis enemies, the Geo Hypostasis will also go into recovery mode at 5% health. All that needs to be done here is destroy all three towers for finishing it off.
    • If any of the towers are left at the end of the phase it will regenerate a large chunk of the boss’s HP, which will further allow it to keep fighting just like when it was in Phase 1. But it’s completely fine as all the Unbroken towers will retain damage across phases, so if the player manages to break two and half in the first phase then it will be easy to finish off the boss now.

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