GroundTruth intros OTT/CTV geo-contextual and audience targeting | Ad Tech

Marketing and advertising technology company GroundTruth has announced the full availability of its OTT/CTV advertising solutions.

groundtruthPowered by geo-contextual and audience targeting, GroundTruth’s TV platform provides digital video advertisers with consumer insights based on offline behavioural data for enhanced campaign reach, accuracy and measurement.

Eddie Dingels, chief operating officer, GroundTruth, commented: “The emergence of advanced TV advertising is very reminiscent of the early days of mobile. In 2014, mobile accounted for a small percentage of digital ad budgets despite consumers spending nearly 25% of their time on mobile devices. It wasn’t until this year when mobile started matching desktop ad budgets. OTT and CTV advertising are on a similar path.”

GroundTruth’s geo-contextual targeting is powered by the company’s proprietary mapping technology, Blueprints, which contextualises offline behaviour for performance-driven marketing solutions.

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